for Stereotaxic Instruments


SHC-1 Cannula Holder

Designed for operation with a stereotaxic instrument and micromanipulators, this Cannula Holder ensures speedy, stable and accurate implanting operation of a cannula (about φ3.5mm) into an animal. Mounted on the Narishige Manipulator Model SM-15, this Cannula Holder enables the user to implant a cannula into a target site reliably and accurately.

To fasten a cannula, simply tighten the screw. To implant a cannula, simply loosen the screw to disengage a cannula easily. The end is made of plastic to prevent corrosion.

* Cannulae are not included with the SHC-1. We do not supply cannulae. Please purchase separately.
* Manipulator Model SM-15 is sold separately.

Be-8 Manipulator 
Auxiliary manipulator with built-in ball joint.

This single-axis coarse manipulator plays an auxiliary role for stereotaxic instruments. Despite its compact, lightweight design, it has a long 40mm driving range and is mounted on a ball joint so that angles can be set freely. The BE-8 is attached on a O.D.10mm bar and is suitable for installation with many different types of stands.

Movement range

Coarse  X40mm

Dimensions, Weight

W140 x D25 x H95mm, 210g

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