Nexus 3000   


Rangeless Extreme Precision Syringe Pump - COLOR LCD Interface


Nexus 3000

Standard Features

  12 nanometer controllable step resolution - the most precise on market 
    Color LCD, Wireless BlueTooth, Automated Multi-step Programmable 
    Standard RS232 for computer control 
    Selectable rate units: μl/hr, μl/min, ml/hr, ml/min
  Standard infuse/withdraw syringe holder holds 2 different syringes 
    Stall detection with audible alarm 
    Quite operation

Optional Features

  10 syringe rack
    Push/Pull continuous cycle rack 
    Foot switch


Chemyx Nexus 3000 syringe pump is an ultra-high precision pump designed for any application in fluid delivery (picofluidic applications to high volume dosing in large scale reactors).  This syringe pump has a unique electronic transmission that shifts gears to allow it to reach virtually any flow range from picoliter to liter flow ranges. This unit comes with a high clarity color LCD and options for push/pull continuous cycle, infuse/withdraw and a 10 multi-syringe rack holder. The Nexus syringe pumps is also the first to come with wireless bluetooth connectivity to chain multiple pumps together in synchronization.

Nexus 3000 Syringe Pump Specifications:

Pump Mode:                    Infusion/Withdraw 
No. of Syringes:               Two 
Syringe Size:                   0.5 l to 140 ml
Dimensions :                    25 x 17 x 13 cm
Weight:                            2 kg
Linear Force:                    25 kg min.
Accuracy/Reproducibility < 0.35%, 0.1%
Audible Alarm:                  Standard 
Min Rate:                          0.001l/hr 
Max Rate:                         90ml/min 
Step Resolution:                0.5 picoliters/min
Max Rate:                         500 ml/min 
Step Resolution:                0.12 m/step 
Power Requirements       110-240V, 50-60hz

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