Perfusion System




The MSC-200 is a simple to use system designed for drug applications to cells or bath chambers. The MSC-200 system consist of an array of 9 electrovalves  [EVH-9], a manual electrovalve controller [MEV-9] and a micro-manifold [10-to-1] (or a "linear head").

Mode of operation

Changing the switch position on the MEV-9 controller sends a logic TTL pulse (0V or +5V, which corresponds to the closed or opened valve state respectively).




The EVH-9 electrovalve array can work with tubing of different types, like silicone, tygon or C-Flex as long as the outside diameter should not exceed 2.5mm. Our preference is C-Flex tubing (ID: 0.5mm, OD: 2.1mm, Reference: COLE PARMER #6424-59 or BIOBLOCK SCIENTIFIC #M71195). C-Flex tubing is well adapted to our electrovalves and is much less permeable to air than, for example, silicon tubing. This tubing also gives a best compromise between high flexibility (squeeze factor) and low permeability to air. This tubing is connected by a simple insertion into the output tubing of the manifold.



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