MX-1* & -2, MX-3* & -4 

Three-Dimensional Micromanipulators




The MX-1* originally developed for use in patch clamp work,  features drift-free stability to keep patch probes fixed in the same position over an extended period. A built-in rotating mechanism allows quick and simple replacement of microelectrodes. Featuring the same basic design as the MX-1, the MX-2 is mounted on a convenient tilting stand (TM-1) with a magnetic base.

Coarse movement range: 35mm(X),25mm(Y),25mm(Z)
movement range:             4mm(X),4mm(Y),25mm(Z)
Minimum graduation:       1m    
Moving ratio:                    5:1     
Full rotation of Z adjustment knob: coarse movement 18mm
                                                  fine movement 200m
Accessories: H-1,spanner, tension adjustment pin, wrench                         
MX-1 Dimensions:   200 (W) x 170 (D) x 185 (H) mm
         Weight:          3,3 kg
MX-2 Dimensions:   200 (W) x 170 (D) x 270 (H) mm
         Weight:          6,7 kg


* MX-1 and MX-3 are group 2 products

The MX-3* compact micromanipulator with a manual drive mechanism provides a drift-free performance, making it ideal for long term patch recording. A built in rotation mechanism allows easy and swift microelectrode replacement. This unit easily attaches to a wide variety of microscopes and can be positioned at any desired angle as well.

The MX-4 micromanipulator has all the features of the MX-3, plus a tilting magnetic stand.

Coarse movement range:     25mm(X),15mm(Y),35mm(Z)
Fine movement range:         3mm(X),3mm(Y),35mm(Z)
Minimum graduation:           1m
Full rotation of Z adjustment knob  coarse movement 18mm
                                                  fine movement 200m
Accessories:          H-1, spanner, tension adjustment pin 
MX-3 Dimensions:  160 (W) x 110 (D) x 170 (H) mm
         Weight:         1,9 kg
MX-4 Dimensions:  140 (W) x 95 (D) x 230 (H) mm
         Weight          2,8 kg


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