Three-axis Motorized Micromanipulator


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THE NEW EMM-3NV MOTORIZED MICROMANIPULATOR has been developed by Narishige to meet specific user requests for more precise, natural control performance than the uniform, mechanical movement or standard motorized micromanipulators provide.

Years of experience and advanced expertise in precision control technology have been combined to create a motorized manipulator with the smooth, accurate positioning and superb operability of a hydraulic manipulator.

Addressing and solving the key problem of noise suppression, the EMM-3NV offers exceptional smoothness, pin-point precision and dramatically improved operating stability.



40mm movement range provides superb workability

The wide 40mm movement range in all three (X, Y, Z) axes (coarse and fine combined), enabling work over a wider area.

This is about 60% more than the conventional 25mm (1 inch) working area.

Smooth movement with excellent operability Narishige's familiar vernier control knobs are employed.

The control knobs are equivalent in size to those of a hydraulic unit, allowing the same operating feel as a hydraulic control unit.

Easy to make the switch to the motorized control box. 

Retract & Return/ Positional Memory (up to 5 positions) & Return/ T-axis drive

Defines electrode position more clearly and accurately

A fluorescent digital display provides increased visibility.

The rack-mountable power supply unit is space-saving.

Position readings in each X-, Y-, and Z-axis are calibrated in "m" for easy and precise reading.


Useful functions available with this motorized control box include:

  Allows the electrode to retract from and return to the object.  

  Permits the electrode to return to the position stored in memory (up to 5 positions)  

  Permits T-axis drive (the same direction as the electrode) without having to tilt the X-axis and Z-axis.

  The compact control box permits placement in a desired position.


Working Distance

40mm in each X-, Y-, and Z-axis

Drive System

Fine  X10 mm,Y10 mm, Z 10 mm
Full rotation of knob 250 m
Minimum Graduation 1 m


Drive unit


Control unit

W115 x D115 x H132mm/1.57 kg

Control Box W125 x D103 x H51mm/0.22kg
Power Supply W430 x D370 x H89mm/5.80kg



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